One Courageous Conservative Elected Republican: AZ State Sen. Russell Pearce

August 8, 2009

A courageous conservative Republican Arizona State Senator, Russell Pearce, explains on April 15, 2009 at the Arizona state capitol the need to become a precinct committeeman:


Thank you.

Cold Warrior
American first, conservative second, Republican precinct committeeman by necessity.

Precinct Committeeman: Most Powerful Office in the World!

August 8, 2009

Want to motivate the wimpy Republicans-In-Name-Only to start following the Constitution? Want better conservative Republican Party candidates with a chance to win the primary and general elections? Then volunteer IMMEDIATELY to become a Republican Party precinct committeeman. Precinct committeemen elect the leadership within the Party and vote to endorse the Republicans in the primaries. The more conservatives in the precinct committeemen ranks, the more conservative the leadership and the primary winners will be.

Here’s a typical example of the situation: Maricopa County, Arizona. Includes Phoenix. As of May, 2019, about 7,000 precinct committeeman slots existed in Maricopa County for the approximately 813,000 registered Republican voters. Only about 3,100 of the slots are filled, and there’s about a 50-50 split in the ranks between conservatives and moderates. Of the approximately 2,700 elected precinct committeemen, only about 1,400 showed up at the Maricopa County Republican Party Convention this spring of 2019 in person or by proxy to elect the leadership and vote on party resolutions and bylaws changes. ONLY about 1,400 Republicans OUT OF approximately 813,000 registered Republicans were, on that day, “the Republican Party.” Want to be one of them? Knowing what you know now, why wouldn’t you want to be one? If we conservatives could fill just 1,000 of the approximately 4,000 vacancies, we’d have a solid 2 to 1 ratio of conservatives to moderates. Better? Fill up ALL of the vacant slots with conservatives!

Nationwide, about half of the approximately 400,000 precinct committeemen slots in the Party are open. We could cause a conservative revolution if we could get conservatives to fill those open slots. The current Party leadership would be afraid the “new conservative blood” would throw them out in the next election. The incumbents would fear that the “new conservative blood” would endorse the best conservative challenger in the primary instead of endorsing them. The only fear that will motivate them is the fear of losing their jobs. Precinct committeemen are in the BEST position to make that happen. So, please, if you care about the future of your country, become a precinct committeeman. Now! Go here for some detailed information:

The Maricopa County GOP web site has a good explanation of the precinct committeeman position here (go to the Take Action drop down menu and then click on Be A PC).

Thank you,

Cold Warrior

I am only one. But I am a conservative Republican Party precinct committeeman and trying every way my feeble brain can think of to recruit more of them as fast as possible.

American first, conservative second, Republican precinct committeeman BY NECESSITY!

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