Republican Party Platform vs. Democrat Party Platform: Liberty vs. Secular Socialism

(Here is a link to a short comparison of some of the policy issues covered in the 2012 Republican Party Platform and Democrat Party Platform. Here is a link to a more comprehensive comparison.)

The current 2016 Republican Party Platform is here.

From the Preamble to the Platform:  “This platform is many things: A handbook for returning decision-making to the people. A guide to the constitutional rights of every American. And a manual for the kind of sustained growth that will bring opportunity to all those on the sidelines of our society.”

A side-by-side issues analysis of the current 2016 Republican and Democrat party platforms created by the Family Research Council Action organization is here.

88 Responses to Republican Party Platform vs. Democrat Party Platform: Liberty vs. Secular Socialism

  1. Mark McCollum says:

    “Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.” Abe Lincoln. If the Republicans really want to win they must wise up and repeal all laws outlawing hemp and marijuana. Current laws deprive the farmers of an easy and profitable crop to grow. No more trees would have to be cut down to make paper. Hemp makes more celluose than any plant on earth. Our founding fathers discovered this and by making paper out of hemp they now would not have to depend on the Mother country for paper. I am pro-life, pro-family type of man. Married 23 yrs, raised a responsible son who completed ITT Tech, got a job and bought a home at 22 yrs. A majority of Americans think marijuana laws are a joke, the holdouts being those who somehow have come to believe through govt propaganda that using marijuana is a sin. Here is an industry just waiting to be made. Real jobs and we need some real jobs. It is just a plant God made. Smoked like tobacco or made into paper, plastics, clothing. America could become a leader in this new industry if only the Republican had the guts to advocating the repeal of laws it decrees Unconstitutional, and the marijunia tax act was the first truely unconstitutional law passed, because it by passes the constitution altogether. It is this kind of crap that is used to subvert the constitution that makes people furious. A plant, a gift from God, who the hell does govt think they are? We need jobs, and here the elite politicians have cornered off an entire market, all so they can create victimless crimes, just to give the police something to do. Heed Abe Lincoln and you would win by a landslide.

    • Launi Holland says:

      I need help!! I have called and called my precinct and they will not return my calls! There is no meeting info. on their website either. Can anyone help? I am in San Joaquin County, CA

  2. Lew Levenson says:

    Hi Cold Warrior,

    Let’s talk. I just learned of this site this morning – from one I was recruiting to be a PC!

    Gila County has been doing the doing. Before the last election. We got enough elected to be a significant part of the Gila delegation to the State convention. Our activity participated with others to ensure McCain’s people didn’t succeed in taking over the Party.

    We’re working on the next phase. Immediate goal to reach at least an 80% level of seats filled. Emphasis on recruiting conservatives but not overlooking those who don’t know they’re conservatives yet.

    As of today we are 67% seats filled, not all with conservatives. Conservatives are one-third. Who show up at the meetings when most others don’t.

    Our Chair is, as are the two vice-chairs. In open elections.

    Seems like we can – and should – strengthen our cross county links, at least to facilitate coordination, if not action.

    Give me a call.

    Lew Levenson 928 472 7175, cell 928 951 2202. Cell’s better.

  3. Ty Stafford says:

    First off I would like to thank you for having such a wonderful website. Second;I love your analysis of Democrats Core Principles and manipulation of words. My Father always told me never trust a lair.
    Now I am going to become controversial on a point of the Republican Core Principles. 1. Republicans believe that Marriage means the union between a man and a woman. Sorry I strongly disagree with the Government being involved in the personal lives of Americans and their religious customs. I am a conservative first and must insist that this issue be handled by the people on a local level. For those of you supporting this due to the threat of “Gay Marriage” to the family values we hold so dear I understand your feelings. However; you are also infringing upon other religious values with this Amendment. The Bible also defines marriage between a man and his wives plural. Conservatives value freedom and what might be right for someone in Utah might not be right for someone in Kansas. Sadly I must say what values they have in Massachusetts and San Francisco are different from those in California and other states at large. It is a State Issue. I do realize that the Fed’s are already involved but we cannot promote freedom by allowing the Federal Govt. to rule on this issue. Let us stand together and remove power from the Federal Government, let the states decide and leave the Judgment of others religious practices to God. -Amen

    • Judy says:

      Very intelligent and thoughtful, fair answer. As much as I disagree with gay marriage, I prefer the Feds stay out of the decision and let the states deal with their own folks.

  4. Ushlander says:

    Why, praytell, do conserv-tards spend so much energy telling us liberals what we Really think and Really mean despite what we say—I guess it is for the same reason you KNOW what Jesus Really meant, despite what he said. Be free of your fear, only then will you hear what is.

  5. Andrew Soucek says:

    Fair and balanced just like Fox. I prefer to hear Democrats tell me what they stand for. Why should I let you tell me what to think?

  6. Lavena Adams says:


  7. Katie Sien says:

    wow. that makes the democrats seem hilariously stupid!

  8. Dick Hertz says:

    Extremists disgust me, I was somewhat interested until I hit the democratic “titles” When you “Libery-lovers” stop celebrating at the death of our soldiers then I’ll maybe consider right wing extremists worth my typing time (other than the obvious time spent writing this comment)

  9. wayne says:

    Where does the Republican Party stand on State’s Rights and protecting the majority?
    Why is my country tied at the hip to Isreal?
    Why does the Republican Party constantly pander to minorities while actively denying their base (ie white Americans, although I know you cringe with shame to hear that)
    Why has the Republican Party allowed the US to slip continuously to the left over the last 100 years?

    Not buying it! I’ve been a stauch Republican since High School, now I’m over 40 and have learned what a sham the two-party system really is. I’m sick of seein MY NATIVE CHILDREN being made hated minorities and second class citizens RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES because both parties hate the native born white population.

    • theprecinctproject says:

      Are you “in” the Republican Party? Have you been inside it as a voting member of it trying to change it from within?
      Thank you,
      Cold Warrior

  10. Kathleen Gibbs says:

    I’m an English teacher and well versed on political science. I am currently teaching my students how to carefully review political statements for false or misleading elements. The responses in the above summary will give me loads of examples!!!! Oh, by the way, I’m a staunch, progressive liberal Democrat with an MA in Education and fully able to decipher your well-used phrases that only suggest with just the correct word, what an uninformed person will accept as fact. The “GOP” has created so many paradigms to mislead the populace that you make my instruction and planning relatively simple. I am so supportive of all the people driven organizations out there determined to pull you down from power. I am also inspired that educated youth, who will be our next inspired leaders, are primarily rising up from a middle class that republicans have sought to crush. The pendulum has swung big guys… will have no choice but step aside as we return this country to a true Democracy from the Plutocracy the republican party has created. I’m part of the 99% and I believe our well respected, honest, inspiring president deserves and will received the second term to finish what he started. Thanks for the great curriculum material!

    • theprecinctproject says:

      When you say that “we will return this country to a true Democracy,” I hope you will point out to your students and cohorts that the word “democracy” does not appear in either the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution, that Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution guarantees “to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government . . .,” and that James Madison wrote in The Federalist No. 10 that “democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

      But, as you are a self-described “staunch, progressive liberal Democrat” I’m sure there’s no hope of that.

      Cold Warrior

    • REPUBLICANS have sought to crush the middle class? Where have you been the last three years? Obama has done everything in his power to destroy middle-class wealth by closing down energy-producing jobs in the gulf, denying the pipeline and paying off donors with fraudulent solar companies using our tax dollars. Now, he wants to make it a crime for kids to perform chores on family farms? And he wants to tax middle-class families MORE under the guise of the Buffet Rule. You are in an alternate reality if you are blaming the GOP for killing the American Dream. Obama stands on his own record.

      • says:

        My God…wake up you fools!
        The Republican Party has learned how to rule from the middle east! Money is their God – people no longer matter to them!
        Please go away and leave the good caring people of American along! You are such a sad bunch! We pray for you, but your hatred created by non-stop Republican lies prevents you from seeing past the hell you live in! Boo – the sky is falling!

    • Gary Reynolds says:

      Kathleen, I would not want you teaching my children English or ANYTHING else. If you support killing babies, same sex marriage, apologizing to foreign governments for America, instead of lifting us up, and unmanageable Health care fiasco, and trillions of $ debt.. is that the way your love your kids, and grandkids,etc?…

    • Ken R says:

      First of all, why would any teacher proudly proclaim his/her political leanings? Your role is to educate and open your students minds and think for themselves. Why would you want to influence there political persuations? Kathleen you are s lousy teacher and should be ashamed of yourself. In fact you should be dimissed. I’m sure glad my children won’t be subject to your crap!

      • Frank says:

        You haven’t been to a public school, lately, have you?! They are teeming with so called, “liberal progressives”(I just call them leftists, which is what they are), for the very reason you stated in your third sentence.

    • Dylan says:

      I wish you were my teacher I’d tell you off and make you look like a fool and then laugh at you when you sent me out for not agreeing with you

    • Dylan says:

      Also education does not mean anything If all the information is one sided bullshit

      • theprecinctproject says:

        Thank you for those insightful comments. I wonder whether they have helped to educate people.

      • theprecinctproject says:

        Thank you for those insightful comments. I wonder whether they have helped to educate people.

      • Iantha says:

        one sided?
        so… this website is definitely not one-sided, right?
        The two parties are never portrayed unequally?

    • Ron Keen says:

      Dims ARE hilariously stupid!

    • Ron Keen says:

      Back to school for you Kathleen. You missed the part about “true” Democracy in that it would never work…we have a Democratic (meaning freely elected) Republic (governed by elected officials) and nowhere in the Constitution is it written that our government is a Democracy.
      “I’m part of the 99% and I believe our well respected, honest, inspiring president deserves and will received the second term to finish what he started”: your words Kathleen and surely you are joking. Obummer is the most divisive, lying, racist, narcissistic, intolerant, and incompetent person ever to get elected to office of President of the USA. He is a total embarrassment to our country and we the people and if you don’t realize that, you are truly a staunch, progressive, liberal DIM and you people are 99% of the problems we the people have in this country.

      • Iantha says:

        alright. If this article had even one ounce of equality in its portrayal of both sides, I would not even be reading the comments section.
        Just because you support one side or the other does not mean the other is “divisive, lying, etc.”
        at least he was good enough for the majority to vote for him, something that you could never achieve.

  11. Joe Warner says:

    This is amazing! I am doing research on a paper topic for an American Government course this semester and this provides very interesting perspectives. Honestly, political science is not my forte, the natural sciences and mathematics is where my heart lies. I served our nation in Afghanistan as a Navy corpsman with a Marine battalion, so I have seen our nation at work. My government class is relatively unbiased and provides a wide range of information from the efforts of the framers of the Constitution to the current system we have today. The one thing that I have taken away so far is that the government is corrupt and, like anything else, the more power and control it has the more corrupt it will be. I am 28 years old and ever since the day I graduated high school have worked and earned everything I have. That is something that many “Americans” can never say. This current government supported by liberals is compelled to just give give give, further promoting this inherent laziness of humans and hurting the people actually earning their keep. The role of the government should strictly be to protect its nations CITIZENS ( obviously omitting any person who is not here legally ). Resources are inevitably limited, selectivity is a natural process, and free market principles will deem the worthy from the regressive.

  12. joannacle says:

    Sorry, not gonna take the time nor the effort to be intellectual here. But just gotta say, I love you! 🙂

  13. David brouillette says:

    If the Rupublican party is pro- Gun Rights then why is your party electing the Biggest gun Banner thare is! actions speak louder than words.– to the rank and file: don’t go by what they say, look at what they did?, look at what Romney Passed in massachusetts.

  14. David brouillette says:

    I am writing as a person who has experienced the legislation that Romney has signed in to law.

    I have experiences first hand his two gun control laws.

    I have recieved the letters from the local police dept stating that my firearms identification card (which was good for life) would Expire and now a pistol permit was required to even keep a handgun in the house.

    I seen pistol permits go from $25 to $100 for 5 years, and $100 per year for out of state. Pistol permits are issued at the discretion of the local police chief. Diane fienstien gets a full carry permit within days, waiting for her as she flies in, but Mr. average guy or gal waits for monthes for a permit just to keep and transport un-loaded.

    I have seen first hand, Romney’s so called gun safety act where only new guns on the govt approval list could be sold. One day I went into a gun store and it looked like a normal one, where there were several showcases of new guns. I went in again after Romneys so-called safe guns act, and there were just a few Smith & Wessons and Walthers for sale, and it was that way for years, list has improved, but we Massachusetts residents still can’t buy most quality guns that are out there.

    I have experienced the outlawing of the further sale of hi-capacity mags, and only 10 rounders availiable for new semi-autos — clinton de-ja-vu.

    I read the news letters that stated that it was now illegal to shoot at siluette targets at a public range.

    The Massachusetts gun laws are now almost the size of a phone book.

    Under Romney, govt power, govt intrusion, legislation and mandates on businesses, govt control of education, public debt, and of cource Gun Control has grown, not shrank. Towns are even turning off some street lights because they can’t afford the electrical bills.

    To me, it is amazing how Mitt Romney has pulled the wool over so many peoples eyes. It is going to be Clinton, Brady, assault weapons ban, magazine ban, brady II all over again. Don’t take my word for it, Do a little bit of research into Massachusetts gun laws and who passed them.

  15. David brouillette says:

    Bill and Hillery Clinton, George W.Bush, Obama, Romney, Diane Fienstien, and the Chinese Government are a lot more a like than they are different.

    as hillery was praising google for leaving china over censorship and govt control of the internet, Obamas cyberspace bill was strikenly similar not only to what china is doing, but also strikenly similar to W’s policeware bill and Bill’s clipper chip bill.

    obamas healthcare bill is almost exactly tha same as Romney’s Massachusetts healthcare Law

    All the the above listed voted for or promised to renew the Clinton gun ban – even arnold !

    We need NEW PARTIES, Both parties have been eroding our civil liberties for some time (the Republicans are just smarter and more covert about it – drawing on bushe’s CIA experience) Even the majority of the american people no longer believe in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Land of the free and the home of the brave go hand in hand — In order to be free you have to be brave – brave enough to pick your own children’s schools, brave enough to make your own medical choices, etc – and I don’t mean choosing from a short menu of govt pre-approved choices. All over cape cod there are old houses still in use – proof that people are actually capable of building their own houses with out govt approval and permission – a right that we had for thousands of years but has been taken away from us in the last 50 years.

    If your party is so pro-freedom than WHY IS THE MOST PRO-FREEDOM CANADATE OF YOUR PARTY DEAD LAST – and the biggest anti-freedom advocate coming in first.

    • theprecinctproject says:

      No, we need to use the party we’ve got. “We the [conservative] People” have not been, in sufficient numbers, engaged in basic American civic activities, as demonstrated by the fact that over 50% of the precinct committeeman slots are vacant, on average, in every state and about one third of the precincts, on average, in every state do not have even one Republican precinct committeemen. School board elections happen without any conservatives running for the seats.

      We need more conservatives to get involved in the political process and the best way to do that is by becoming a Republican Party precinct committeeman.

      Have you ever been one?

      Thank you.

  16. E. H. Curtis says:

    Morris explains Obama Plan for Loss of American Sovereignty and Freedom by Mar2013. 6:24
    One-World Globalism Run Amuck – Dick Morris TV: History Video!
    By Dick Morris on May 12, 2012
    In this History video commentary, Morris briefly explains how Obama is implementing the one-world utopian vision of leftists Elites throughout the world. Treaties are to be used to subjugate American Sovereignty. Described are Tricks and Treaties from the pages of a new book Screwed! by Dick Morris and Eilene McGann 368 pg ($16.76 Amazon or B&N). Morris explains how Obama is whittling away American sovereignty and creating new global bodies to replace Congress and the President himself. Obama plans New Treaties to be rammed through by the Democratic Senate during the Lame-Duck Session, after the November 2012 election and before Romney takes office in January 2013. The Republican House will not be involved as they do not vote on Treaty ratification. The US Constitution of 1789 designated the Senate as the protector of State’s Rights through the duty of Treaty ratification. But under the popular Senate election as proscribed by the 17thAmendment of 1912, the Senate has morphed into “pork barrel specialists” while protecting State’s Rights has been forgotten. Presidential Executive Agreements (EAs) that do not have to be ratified by the US Senate may be used as the EAs only need to be ratified by the Senate.
    The planned Obama Treaties, or Presidential Executive Agreements, will essentially implement the vision of “One World Government” by the Elite. These Treaties will end Nationalism, end national boundaries, and end national sovereignty. One Treaty would cede the power to declare war to the United Nations; meaning to Russia and China. Another Treaty would create a legally enforceable obligation to pay welfare and foreign aid. Another Treaty says we will not launch interceptor missiles into outer space; which is the only way America could defend itself. Another Treaty says that we promise to pay half of our off-shore revenue to the United Nations for the UN to distribute. Another Treaty vests an international authority with rights for them to enact gun controls throughout the entire world without Congress having any “say so.” The problem with these Treaties is that under the US Constitution Supremacy Clause these Treaties trump any Act of Congress or State Legislatures, or even a local City Council. Further, the US Courts are obliged to enforce these Treaties as if they were part of the US Constitution. The only way out of these Treaties is a Constitutional Amendment or another Treaty signed by the initial nations to let America out of one or more Treaties. Thus it will be almost impossible to get out of those coming Treaties.
    What Obama is doing is setting up a series of global entities under the United Nations that will take the place of the American Congress and the American Government in making crucial decisions that will affect our destiny and our freedoms. The UN Security Council, not our Congress will decide if we can declare war. The Seabed Authority of the UN, not the US Department of the Interior, will decide if and when off-shore drilling can be done and to whom oil revenue will be given to. The enforcement mechanism for the rights of the child, a body being set up in Geneva, will decide whether our welfare benefits, our education benefits, our Medicare benefits, or our foreign aid benefits are adequate, or whether they need to be increased, with the inevitable increase in taxes. The body being set up to enforce the Small Arms Treaty will decide whether we need to register handguns, or whether handguns will be permitted in the US.
    Our US Congress will have no jurisdiction over this. The United States in these coming Treaties will have ceded authority in these matters to these international bodies. Most nations have already signed these Treaties, including Great Brittan, France, Germany, Russia, etc. Of course Russia and China can sign any Treaty you want, because they will not abide by them. But under our constitutional government, these Treaties are enforceable by the US Courts and all can believe that they will.
    So . . . this is what Obama has planned for the United States. And . . . NO BODY is talking about it. And . . . NO BODY is fighting it. There is a petition on the web site about the Law of the Sea Treaty which would oblige USA to give half of our oil royalties to other nations. That Treaty comes up for ratification Jun2012 and all Lovers of Freedom need to get our Senators to reject and kill the Law of the Sea Treaty.
    These planned Obama Treaties, if accomplished, will set the stage for the Beast to reign for 3.5 years beginning about March 2013. See the prophecies in Dan 7:24-27; Rev 13:4-5; D&C 87:6 . . . until the consumption decreed hath made a full end of all nations; . . .

  17. Jim Bybee says:

    I have never seen ao many lies in one article in my entire 66 year adult life. I wonder if this person can name a single bill introduced by a Republican that supports any of the comments he says are what Republicans stand for? Just one example, he states “Democrats Believe Man is Changing the Climate of the Globe, Despite No Evidence for that Conclusion”. This is not a belief. It is a fact. There is not one scientist in the entire world that is not paid by an energy company that disputes this fact. Man has changed the climate. All those who disagree should immediately go into their garage, close all doors and windows and start their car and email me after 24 hours. If they are still alive and can email me, then I will “believe” what they tell me about man’s interaction with the climate.

  18. xmaskarol says:

    Yiiikes, this is more propaganda, and bs, I was looking ffor some real facts and some truth. If this is really the platform of anything…then the end is in sight…’cold warrior’ wtf is that!

  19. Lucy Allen says:

    I have always taken pride in the fact that I am a Republican until lately.I have just read an article that Republicans do not want to fund early education programs. Since kids cannot read, write or do math anymore I suppose the GOP wants to be known as the “dumbing down American children”. This is not what my parents, grand parents would have stood for. Less government, keep the military strong and cut spending, but not educating our children? I need to know what are you going to do?????

  20. Alan says:

    Interesting. No one has commented on the Republican platform that says “Republicans Believe U.S. Armed Forces Must Remain Under U.S. Command

As a matter of U.S. sovereignty, American forces must remain under American command. (P. 7.)”

    What is that all about? Are the Democrats trying to give away command of our armed forces, and if so, to whom? The UN? That’s the rumors I’m hearing! Maybe the Russians? They (Russians) are here training with our troops. Rumors are that they will help take the guns away from US citizens, but maybe they are really training us for the day that they command our forces.

    Also, “Republicans Reject the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court over Americans

To shield the members of our Armed Forces and others in service to America from ideological prosecutions, the Republican Party does not accept the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court over Americans. (P. 8.)”

    Why would we (the USA) do that, and who is supporting that (Democrats?) When this type of language appears in the Republican platform, we must be in deep trouble. We are loosing our sovereignty.

  21. Mary says:

    Alan, you sound genuinely surprised! Obama and the libs (yes, some republican “progressives” too) ADVOCATE & LEGISLATE for UN control of our nation and the world! Read conservative writers–do your own homework, people! Our Republic is in DIRE DISTRESS; and while Romney is NOT the conservative many of us would have liked, he is our best hope for saving us from the “road to serfdom” that Obama, Reid, Pelosi, & Ohio’s Sherrod Brown (to name a few) have us RACING DOWN!!!

  22. jason walsh says: – an open video forum on various topics – this week – In 30 seconds or less…who is better for the US economy – Romney or Obama? – and why…

  23. Erin says:

    I came here to learn something. And what do i get? A onesided sick story of republican takeover thought. How dare this website even come up on my browser. I have learned nothing. If you are going to speak- speak truth. If you are going to share ideas on each political parties. Be less one sided. To be worse, you only allow opinion (clearly your own) of two parties. This site is useless, thanks for nothing.

  24. Chris Hanes says:

    I love how easy it is to tell the difference in tone of theauthor has when summarizing each side. “Republicans Believe Our National Borders Must Be Secured” as if it was something extraordinary. Obviously anyone and everyone else wants America to be frail and weak, and prone to attack. While the “Democrats Believe Money Grows on Trees and the Solution to Every Problem is to Spend the Taxpayer’s Money.” Apparently the democratic view is also the view of a child of a single-digit age. Even the title of the piece sets the obvious anti-liberal mood. And here I was, an unconvinced youth searching for a unbiased summary.

    I believe that we “invest” (A.K.A. pay in taxes) into the government so that they can then utilize that money to support we the people with roadways, schools, security (Police, firefighters, armed forces), and other things that are essential to the lives of American Citizens. I also understand that some of the money taken in taxes is allocated to assisting someone else to become a more productive member of the country, whether it be to send a person to school, keep someone fed, or even to save someone’s life.

  25. Lai says:

    I’m a Filipino and I stand on the most important thing. I’m ‘pro life’ and sanctity, so I’m for the Republican.

  26. Clark says:

    It would be interesting to see this rewritten–with exactly the same text pulled out the platform documents, but with different headings, written by a democrat or a neutral…

  27. William Stark Thompson says:

    I saw it on your bi-line using the word socialism. Why did the Republicans never use the words, ”THE DEMOCRATS ARE THE PARTY OF SOCIALISM AND THE PRESIDENT IS A SOCIALIST!!! to attack the Democrats and the president. That is a nasty word in the minds of most Americans, even most Democrats, especially independents. This is to be compared with the Soviets, Stalin, Kruschev, Castro, and repression. In my opinion, the refusal or oversight in not using the word Socialist when speaking of the president, is beyond my comprehension. I am convinced that one simple tactic would have put Mitt over the top??? WE ARE WEENIES!!!

  28. William Stark Thompson says:

    Mitt made a huge mistake when he pulled rank on Paul Ryan saying that if the people wanted Marijuana reform, vote for the other guy. Duh??? 70% of the people in this country are in favor of some form of legalization. What Paul Ryan said (rightly so) that it should be a matter left up to the states. Whether YOU like it or not, the ”war on drugs” is stupid, costly, puts many more drugs in the hands of children than the end of prohibition would, and IS A DAMNED ASSAULT ON OUR CONSTITUTION AND ESPECIALLY THE BILL OF RIGHTS THAT CANNOT BE TOLERATED!!! This made Mitt look foolish and another area had he just kept his yap shut, would have put him over the top. AND does he believe in the constitution or his uninformed fear of someone burning a joint in the privacy of their own home? When he said that, I decided to vote for Gary Johnson and I have always been a conservative Republican. The Republicans need to read ”The Emperor Wears no Clothes”!!!

  29. Jennifer says:

    Was this supposed to be an intelligent comparison of the republican and democratic views or the rantings of a biased asshole misinterpreting what he doesn’t understand? I’m highly disappointed.

    • theprecinctproject says:

      You can always tell a liberal by the ad hominem attacks and name calling, but you can’t tell ’em much.

      • Gerard says:

        Says the person who is completely attacking the other side with no empathy. And by the way, money also won’t magically appear if you give the rich tax cuts. why? Because the majority of them will do one of three things with that wealth: 1. Save it up. 2. Spend it on things where it will end up in the end of other rich people. 3. Give immence raises to CEOs who will spend it in the other two ways but nlt the actual workers who earn their pay by working.

  30. Molly says:

    Thank you for writing “Republican Party Platform vs.
    Democrat Party Platform: Liberty vs. Secular Socialism The Precinct Project’s Blog”. I personallymay really wind up being back again for more reading and commenting soon enough. Thanks, Myles

  31. neoconhunter says:

    Republicans are the ultimate narcasists.

  32. Its not my first time to pay a quick visit this web
    site, i am visiting this website dailly and take good facts from here every day.

  33. Daniel Hyman says:

    This guy is an idiot he or she is obviously a republican which is dumb republicans caused the recession, our huge national debt, deficts, slow economic growth, wealthy people having money, high income inequality, and lower taxes for the rich while the middle class pay more

    • Do you have any facts to back up your accusations, or are you just spouting stuff you heard on The View? Neither party is perfect, but there are clear differences between the ideals of the Republicans and the ideals of the Democrats. You might try actually reading for content, thinking deeply about what they both are espousing, and making up your own mind, without simply regurgitating the talking points fed to you by the liberal media. Thinking requires effort. Try it; you may like it!

      • Paralegal says:

        It is the eternal fight between republicans and democrats, right and left, whatever you want to say. It has no sense to discuss about who did the best. The important thing is who will do the best.

  34. JohnW says:

    I say the citizens are to blame for America’s woes. It is us who have elected the congresses and Presidents that have put the country on a course to economic disaster.

    Or am I mistaken?

  35. Will the Madness Never End? says:

    I don’t agree with the Democrats or the Republicans. Why does anyone care about gay marriage? It’s a personal decision between two consenting adults. Abortion however, IS killing babies and it IS wrong. But there is a difference between “nontraditional values” and murder and I am tired of people trying to equate these issues. We also need to accept that these issues are religious issues at their core and quit pretending otherwise.

    I am a college student, and I will graduate with more than $30,000 in student loans and no concrete promise of a job. My parents say it’s worth it, and that they want me to have more opportunities in life than they had. Still, I sometimes wonder why I have to start out my life in debt because my parents aren’t wealthy enough to pay for my education. No one has a good answer for this, and no one offers me a viable solution.

    Regardless of whether humans are impacting “climate change”, humans have impacted the environment in other ways, and if we plan to keep living on this planet, we need handle all kinds of waste differently, by which I mean better.

    We should not let the government control our lives; that is what the forefathers fought to protect against. Yet, at the same time, multi-billion dollar corporations wield an equally threatening power. We should not let “big business” have its way either. Everywhere, the greed of humankind abounds, and no one is holding those responsible accountable.

    I don’t want to vote for either party. It makes me mad that all I see is stuffy politicians pointing the finger at each other. I’m young and inexperienced, and I know that, but even I can see how ridiculous this all is. Nothing will change in this country until we are all willing to see the truth and get serious about fixing the real problems in our nation and in the world. Where is the party for that?

  36. Derrick M says:

    I’m a former Democrat and now glad that I’m Republican. My main reason for switching over to the GOP party was it’s stances on fiscal and most social issues. I have desires to better myself, pursue the American Dream and also be 100% accountable for my own self. I wondered for a while I was two steps behind my peers as far as financially and socially and found that I was the only person to blame. The GOP values personal accountability and capitalism; these ideals will empower me to go after my convictions and goals with focus. One of the main things I love about the Republican party is that it believes the federal government should only be used to augment our national defense and tax citizens for other necessary expenses with the Constitution mentions. The less and less I rely on the federal government the more competent and empowered I will become. The GOP is wonderful and represents America in a way the Democrat platform never will.

  37. Faith says:

    I am more of a Republican, but I think that having this amazing and sometimes irritating two party system, with other third parties is what makes America a great country. I just sometimes wish we could understand both sides. I would love criticism on anything I say! 🙂

  38. […] Republican Party Platform vs. Democrat Party Platform … – 60 Responses to Republican Party Platform vs. Democrat Party Platform: Liberty vs. Secular Socialism […]

  39. jimturnerfullarmorinccom says:

    How do I get more info on getting involved in my area?

    • theprecinctproject says:

      Hi Jim, Here’s info I’m sending out to folks to help them get started on researching how to get plugged into their Party committee.
      Thanks for reaching out. First, go to See on the right side what is there for your state. Then, find your county Republican Committee on the internet. They should have a website or a Facebook page. Contact them. Find out what precinct you reside in. And whether there’s a vacancy. Sometimes county elections departments publish this online. Or the county Republican committee does. Find out which county or more local committee exists that you can participate in as a precinct committeeman.
      If no vacancy exists currently, volunteer to be a “helper” for your existing precinct committeemen. Learn as much as you can. If you find any information that is particularly helpful, please send me the link. For example, if your state has a Precinct Committeeman Handbook. Or your county or local committee has any kind of tutorial on how, step-by-step, to become a precinct committeeman. Thanks for getting into the fray.
      If you run into any obstacles, please let me know.
      Best regards,
      Daniel J. Schultz
      The Law Office of Daniel J. Schultz
      7399 S. Hazelton Lane
      Tempe, Arizona 85283
      Office: (480) 775-7200
      Fax: (480) 452-1933
      Cell: (480) 797-4946
      Author: How To Get Into The Real Ball Game Of Politics Where You Live To Help President Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again

  40. Linda A Carty Ray says:

    Is there a newsletter I can subscribe to for
    thank you.

  41. Ivan Khala says:

    So how do I get involved here in Spokane wa

    • theprecinctproject says:

      Hi Ivan,
      Thanks for reaching out. First, go to See on the right side what is there for your state. Then, find your county Republican Committee on the internet. They should have a website or a Facebook page. Contact them. Find out what precinct you reside in. And whether there’s a vacancy. Sometimes county elections departments publish this online. Or the county Republican committee does. Find out which county or more local committee exists that you can participate in as a precinct committeeman.
      If no vacancy exists currently, volunteer to be a “helper” for your existing precinct committeemen. Learn as much as you can. If you find any information that is particularly helpful, please send me the link. For example, if your state has a Precinct Committeeman Handbook. Or your county or local committee has any kind of tutorial on how, step-by-step, to become a precinct committeeman. Thanks for getting into the fray.
      If you run into any obstacles, please let me know.
      Best regards,
      Daniel J. Schultz
      The Law Office of Daniel J. Schultz
      7399 S. Hazelton Lane
      Tempe, Arizona 85283
      Office: (480) 775-7200
      Fax: (480) 452-1933
      Cell: (480) 797-4946
      Author: How To Get Into The Real Ball Game Of Politics Where You Live To Help President Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again

  42. Jon Folse says:

    Looking for information in Michigan on precinct/committeemen please. Macomb Twp.

  43. augustacat63 says:

    You were great on WarRoom Pandemic. Thank you for information on how to get involved in the process!

  44. Deborah DeLaurentis-Horton says:

    I live in Arizona, PIMA Count and would like more information.
    Thank you,

  45. Sarah Gaete says:

    Hello, have heard you a lot on WarRoom, and thanks so much for your information. I am in CA and when I log into the CAGOP, which I am already involved with, I get the email with the 5 numbers to verify my account, but then that takes me to a page that the URL is no longer active.

    Please advise. There are other links for Ventura and SD counties, but I am in Riverside County


    • theprecinctproject says:

      Hi Sarah, Keep trying. Call elected Republican public servants. Call the CA GOP. It ought to be easy, no? Keep trying.
      This is what I’m sending out to folks.
      Thanks for reaching out. First, go to See on the right side (on a computer; if you are on a smart phone, scroll to the very bottom and click on View Full Site”) what is there for your state. Then, find your county Republican Committee on the internet. They should have a website or a Facebook page. Contact them. Find out what precinct you reside in. And whether there’s a vacancy. Sometimes county elections departments publish this online. Or the county Republican committee does. Find out which county or more local committee exists that you can participate in as a precinct committeeman.
      If no vacancy exists currently, volunteer to be a “helper” for your existing precinct committeemen. Learn as much as you can. If you find any information that is particularly helpful, please send me the link. For example, if your state has a Precinct Committeeman Handbook. Or your county or local committee has any kind of tutorial on how, step-by-step, to become a precinct committeeman.
      If that doesn’t work, call/email any and all elected Republican public servants and ask them to help you – it’s their job and they work for you.
      Thanks for getting into the fray.
      If you run into any obstacles, please let me know.
      Best regards,
      Daniel J. Schultz
      The Law Office of Daniel J. Schultz
      7399 S. Hazelton Lane
      Tempe, Arizona 85283
      Office: (480) 775-7200
      Fax: (480) 452-1933
      Cell: (480) 797-4946
      Author: How To Get Into The Real Ball Game Of Politics Where You Live To Help President Donald J. Trump Make America Great Again

  46. Ana Blanco says:

    Hi Dan,
    First, thank you for all that you are doing. I saw you on War Room several times. I am committed to do all I can to make a difference.

    Here is some information for my county in Florida.

    Republican Party of Miami-Dade County Executive Committee consist of 160 elected members representing 40 districts.

    Currently there are four seats available for my district one Committeeman and Alternate and one Committeewoman and Alternate.

    – Complete two forms, Candidate Oath and Republican Party of Florida Party Loyalty Oath
    – Candidate Oath needs to be notarized
    – Both forms need to be delivered to the Miami-Dade County Elections Department. The forms are stamped and sent to the Executive Committee
    – To be voted in for a position on the Committee the forms must be received by the Committee 12 days prior to the next General Meeting.

    My forms have been submitted but they are short of the 12 day requirement but that is okay. I expect to be voted in during the March general meeting.

    Thank you again.


    • theprecinctproject says:

      Hi Ana,
      Thanks for reaching out. Please let me know how you decided to become a precinct committeeman; what was the catalyst; how did you learn how to do it? Thanks, Dan

      • Ana Blanco says:

        Hi Dan,
        You get the credit for my move to become a committeewoman. I did not know about this until I saw you on War Room and went to your website for more information.

        My catalyst for becoming a committeewoman and politically active in general was the election results. I was so angry and upset I had to do something. I refuse to sit on the sidelines and watch this country be destroyed by socialist.

        I learned the procedure to become a committeewoman from Miami-Dade Republican Party website.

        As I mentioned in my previous email, the Executive Committee votes on who will be on the Committee. I will not know until March if I am in. There may be other candidates for the position. I spoke to a Committee member and she said that she was an Alternate Committeewoman for many years before she became the Committeewoman. That is fine by me, I am new to all this and being an Alternate will give me time to become familiar with process. If the Committee has to vote and the Committeewoman for my district is not there, I would be able to vote.

        I will be attending my first Executive Committee General Meeting on Feb. 25th. I am looking forward to it.

        By the way, I joined a local Republican Club and attended the first meeting on Thursday. It was great. We discussed local issues, what we need to do and what needs immediate action.

        Thanks again.


      • theprecinctproject says:

        Thanks for letting me know. Please keep at it and recruit others! If you come across any helpful “how to” guides for Florida Republican precinct committeemen, such as any handbooks, please send them to me. At Thanks again, Dan

  47. Leslie says:

    Hi Daniel,

    I just watched the newest episode of the war room tonight and I’m trying to make sense of all of it. I’m new to all things political and don’t know the first thing about committeemen or how to become one in my area. A couple weeks ago I contacted my local Kentucky GOP chair and he told me he would contact me in a couple weeks when they start getting elections organized. I sent him a text again today and he emailed me the newsletter and said there would be an executive meeting on the 9th. What else should I be doing to get involved. He also sent a list of some committees I could be involved in. Is this enough to really make any changes? Please let me know what else I can be doing. Also the county I’m in is a liberal county.

    Thank you.

    • theprecinctproject says:

      You’re doing everything right. Keep learning as much as you can and keep going to the meetings. See the KY links on this blog. Thanks

  48. sanaebarber says:

    HI Dan! Thank you so much for working with Bannon and going on his show and getting this increase info out to everyone. I contacted my local GOP and got hooked up with all 100% MAGA Trump republicans. They invited me to Nashville Sentinel’s Group meeting last night and showed your interview with Bannon as part of our meeting. Tracy Beanz was the main speaker and then announced you will be speaking at the next meeting! The Chairman of Nashville RNC said he has been getting several calls a day of people that heard about your from the War Room. I got a copy of your book and am reaching out to others. This is really amazing work you are doing! Looking forward to your talk in March!!

  49. In The Fight! says:

    Here in Maricopa Country, Arizona, it says you have to fill out the application and then the final approval is performed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors.

    Well the Maricopa County BOS, is corrupt and all should be thrown in jail, including the five or six Republicans that are on that Board.

    So in essence, I have no hope of becoming a Committeeman at all, then for this country.

    Since the election, I have been continually writing and calling their offices, asking them what they are trying to hide with this Audit fiasco, with just last week emailing all of them, that they are Criminals and should be tried for Treason, Conspiracy and Treason and put to death for those crimes.

    Not one to give up easy. But I am confident they know my name well. And of course I provide all of them with my phone number so they can call me and tell me otherwise, or their real “reasoning”.

    Same goes for every State Senator and Congressperson in the State of Arizona, who is a Republican as well.

    I have written them dozens of times as well. Only three responded out of all those emails. One named Judy Burges, who wrote me back, that she looks forward to my RECALL petition for her, with all of my signatures, since I am such an Activist.

    Then Judy Burges expressed how she cannot wait to see my name on the ballot this upcoming election so I can perform better than them.

    The other two sent me Generic Reply emails, still listing Martha McSally as my Senator to call, if I need to speak with her.

    Doug Ducey never responds.

    Andy Biggs never responds back.



    I am beginning to feel, this is beyond fixing any longer.

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